Why Muscle Cars are More Prone to Accidents as Compared to Normal Cars?

When it comes to performance, even the best of the best sports car cannot able to beat muscle cars in speed and performance. This is because muscle cars are designed with much more powerful engines as compared to sports cars. Vehicles like Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang come under this category.

No doubt that muscle cars are just great when comes to driving experience. With highly futuristic designs both interior and exterior, muscle cars look like 1 in a Million when driving on the road.

Ok, though they are much more aggressive in performance but also much more prone to accidents as compared to normal cars. As per the US Government organization called Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), out of every 154 muscle cars met with an accident out of 100k muscle cars sold. Whereas, the other cars are of 112 out of every 100k sold in the US market.

As we can see that muscle cars are more prone to accidents as compared to normal cars. But what makes it so much more vulnerable on the road? Here are some of the points that experts feel are the main cause of it.

Why Muscle Cars are More Prone to Accidents as Compared to Normal Cars?

Embraced with High-Performance Output Engine

The first and foremost reason why muscle cars met with more accidents as compared to normal cars lies in the fact that the engines installed in them are way more powerful and advanced. The car can accelerate so much fast that even some genuine sports cars can even bow to them.

They carry immense horsepower that can set the road on fire with just a single acceleration. This tempting power encourages users to go beyond the limit which eventually leads to accidents. Since most of the buyers of muscle cars are youth so there is a high chance that the speed gonna be used in the wrong way.

Low Weight and High Center of Gravity of Muscle Cars

If you have a look comparison between sports cars and muscle cars then you will find that muscle cars have a high center of gravity and low weight as compared to sports cars in the market. Because of this when applying the emergency brake or drifting, there is a high possibility of the car being rolled over.

This happens especially when the car is driven at a very high speed. And once it rolled over at high speed then there is a very low chance that the driver may be found alive. If anyone how he/she able to manage in saving a life but is almost sure that they will be facing huge money and health damage in return.

Poor View Angle When Driving Muscle Car

The front rooflines and pillars block the front view of a muscle car. With this, minute objects on the road rarely become visible to the driver either it can be potholes or animals walking on the road. With a barely visible view, the muscle car is expected to bump more frequently than other cars.

Young Drivers of the Muscle Cars

The most frequent buyer of muscle cars are youngsters who recently have stepped onto the road. They want to experience the thrill on the road and muscle cars let them experience that in a way they want.

As compared to more adult drivers, youngsters seem to be more aggressive on the road and driving recklessly at full speed. This increases the risk of being met with an accident more often because of their behavioral driving.

Muscle Cars are Highly Customizable

Besides, all the points mentioned above there is also one more reason why muscle cars are more accident-prone as compared to normal or sports car is that they can be customized in a way the owner wants. They install new tires, highly customized grills, more powerful engines, etc to extend the performance.

And for your kind information, they are more likely to be adaptable and this leads cars like Ford Mustang & Dodge Challenger more accident-prone. Some users also install exhaust that sounds horrible when used on a normal road causing massive noise pollution.

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